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Wither (Chemical Garden)

Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano Tells the story of Rhine Ellery. In the future mankind has been able to resolve all health issues in the world. This creates one generation of perfect healthy people. What they don't know at that moment is that their children will be punished by this. Girls wont age older than 20 and boys will not get older than 25.This results in heavy woman trafficking to be sure to maintain mankind on the world.Rhine is kidnapped to become a bride, for obvious reasons she does not want to be where she is brought and she tries everything possible to escape. Will she manage to escape her destiny?The book is very intriguing. The situation that is described sounds realistic though you know that you will not experience it in this lifetime. It still sounds as if it can happen in the future. The way the girls are treated and the fear that they become no more than guinea pigs to find solutions or to breed new children is very vivid. It makes you angry at points that this could be possible in the world (while you know it does happen already)The book is written for young adults but the average language level is high, which makes it a pleasure to read. I would certainly advice people to read the story. If you like SF or simple romantic novels even it will be worth it.