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The Grimm Chronicles Vol. 1

The Grimm Chronicles Vol. 1 - Isabella Fontaine,  Ken Brosky,  Chris Smith,  Dagny Holt *Disclaimer: I received a free copy in return for an honest review*AuthorKen Brosky was born in Milwaukee. He has a bachelor's degree in creative writing from the University of Wisconsin and a Master's degree in writing from the University of Nebraska. His first novel was published in fall 2007. He has more than a dozen short stories published in magazines including Skyline and World Audience.Isabella Fontaine lives in Winsconsin with her cats. The Grimm Chronicles is her first book.ReviewWhen I saw this book pop up on my rss feed with a request for spots for a blog tour I knew I had to react immediately. First the titles of the episodes where really catchy and I found the whole concept idea brilliant.The first story caught me of guard though. I am not sure what triggered my annoyance button. The fact that they named him Edward or the three chapters where the drool of the effort to make him look brilliant was coming out of my e-reader. I was getting a bit scared for the rest of the book at that point but decided that I should at least try to finish the story and see how it would work out. AND I AM GLAD I DID!! After that first hiccups this book is getting funnier and funnier and it all starts to make sense.Most loved character must be the bunny rabbit although I loved the diaries of Grace and would love to know more about her adventurers. With Alice I had more problems. The descriptions on the book talk about a strong female protagonist and I had a hard time seeing that at first. In the later stories and specially Revenge of the Castle Cats she takes matters in her own hand. She is slowly growing on me and I am looking forward to see her grow further in the upcoming stories.This book also includes all the original stories of the corrupted mentioned in the book. This is very nice because there where a few I was not familiar with.