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Vows to Kill

Vows to Kill - Mark Capell *Disclaimer: I received a free copy from the author in return for an honest review*AuthorMark Capell is a former documentary television director. He made shows for the BBC, ITV and satellite. His debut novel, 'Run, Run, Run', became a number one bestselling crime thriller on Amazon. "Vows to Kill" is his second full length novel.ReviewI love to read good mystery novels and puzzle along. The author of "Vows to Kill" does understand what people are looking for when they are reading a mystery.The book introduces Lee, a detective who is planning to get married to Lucy soon and receives an email saying he will get killed on his wedding day.The possible suspects are Kat, a woman with wild thoughts and a somewhat weird attitude who could be a total psycho. There is Molly who obviously has serious psychological damage after her wedding was canceled for one reason or another. There was a situation in Southampton where something obviously went wrong with a suspect who issued a threat at Lee's address before. Though the connections are not always clear you can feel from their stories that they all have a ground to send the email wanting to ruin the wedding. Still I felt like the characters could have been developed more.I did miss that moment of real tension where I wanted to pull out my hair and yell "NO" at some random stranger but the whole book was a proper mystery/crime puzzle.