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You Deserve Nothing

You Deserve Nothing - Alexander Maksik AuthorAleksander Maksik is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. He has been working as an English teacher at the American School in Paris. Maksik is living in Iowa.ReviewThis book received a lot of praise from reviewers untill it became known that it might have been based on a true story. After that most reveiwers seem to pull their hands of this book. Though I do not support teachers having relationships with students I know it happens more often than we hear of and will not let this influence the review of the book itself.I picked up this book with the idea it was a story about a student being in love with her teacher, even having an affair and a third student who eventually found out and got upset cause he admired this teacher. I was mistaken.This book shows a teacher who wants to make clear to his students that they have choices to make. That it is you or me who decides where we end up. I liked this part of the book a lot cause I do not feel people realize enough they have choices in life. People tend to get stuck to the familair and continue there even if they do not know why or how and sometimes don't even like it. Only for that I think this book is very interesting.The rest of the story I experienced as messy and unrealistic. I cannot remember teachers going to graduating students private parties or clubbing with students. Will is clearly hunted by things like his parents dead and the following divorce of his wife but it does not become clear why or what happened. Gilads dead is abusive and aggresive towards his mother and it is clear this is bothering him but the only thing on his mind seems to be his teacher. This makes the rest of the story very shallow.