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Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen The authorSara Gruen was born in Vancouver in 1969. She has a dual Canadian and American citizenship. She got her degree in English Literature on the Carleton University in Ottawa. She moved to the US to take a technical writing job and when she was laid off two years later decided to writer her own books. Her books deal greatly with animals and she is a supporter of numerous charitable organizations that support animals and wildlife. For more information visit reviewI was scared to pick up this book. I actually saw the movie a while ago and did enjoy it and I was not sure if the book would hold up to that. But it did. More than that. I am now sad I did not read the book before watching the movie. Though I got the feeling they kept close to the story. The author did a brilliant job in setting scenes. I could really imagine being in a circus seeing the animals and the performers practice. The hard work that comes with a circus and the smell. I could really get a grip on the excitement I felt when I was a small kid and going to the circus. In characters I really liked the old Jacob. My grandmother reached that age and could be very naughty still. I really liked the way the author approached this character. Giving him an attitude but also humanity something we sometimes forget with older people. The other characters where a bit blurred in vision by the movie images which entered my head at points. Still a lovely book though I am not sure if it will be a reread for me.