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Secrets She Left Behind

Secrets She Left Behind - Diane Chamberlain The authorDiane Chamberlain grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey. She has got both her bachelor and mast in social work from San Diego State University. She had a private practice for psychotherapy which she closed in 1992 when she started to become successful as an author. Diane is diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which sometimes intervenes with her writing but she uses voice recognition technology to get words on paper. She lives in North Carolina with her partner, photographer John Pagliuca. For more information you can visit reviewI very much enjoyed reading this book. It is easy to get connected to the story and characters. The book is written from different point of views and even though I am usually not a bit supporter of this the author managed it very well. Where I usually find it hard to connect to characters when I jump from one head to the other I only had a problem with Andy at the beginning.The story is very emotional. I do have doubts about the load of things happening to the people in the book. It was on the edge of being to much and even as bad things usually come together there needs to be a sense of reality to it. Despite all the bad things happening in the book there was a sense of positivity in there too. I will give this book four stars. Though it was a book I could hardly put down when I picked it up and the story was very engaging I had no problem leaving it down when it was down.