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Revelation (Shardlake Series)

Revelation - C.J. Sansom The authorChristopher John "C.J." Sansom is a British writer of crime novels. He was born in 1952 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was educated at the University of Birmingham, where he took a BA and then a PhD in history. For more information visit http://cjsansombooks.comThe reviewRevelation is the 4th book of the Matthew Shardlake series and it is really getting better and better. This book has a smaller connection to big historical happenings and it seems to give the author some freedom. Though the normal historical facts are brought in it is clear they are less important to the story which makes this book an easier read than the ones before that where filled with details. I very much enjoyed the high cluedo level of this book. There was a lot of attention for the different suspects and why or why not they where valid. It was very easy to puzzle along with Shardlake and Barak to find out who did it. There was more attention for the character interaction in this book. Where the interaction was pointed at the case and work in the former books this book left space for personal interaction between Shardlake and Barak and between Shardlake and Guy. I felt this was really important to put the characters in certain positions and make them stronger personalities. Though this book does contain a small summary about the main characters, more than Sovereign, I would not advice to read this book as a standalone. I did find this book the easiest read from this series.