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Dark Fire (Matthew Shardlake Series #2)

Dark Fire - C.J. Sansom The authorChristopher John "C.J." Sansom is a British writer of crime novels. He was born in 1952 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was educated at the University of Birmingham, where he took a BA and then a PhD in history. For more information visit http://cjsansombooks.comThe reviewI was scared of starting this book. Though I did enjoy the first book in this series the pace of it was very slow and I was afraid this book would have the same problem. It did start out with a lot of details and information slowing the reading speed but at some point it picked up nicely and I was not able to put it down anymore. The author did a lot of research on the history in his book. You are learning a lot of England in that era and how things happened. There are so many details about the historical happenings that you can truly imagine how things looked and went. The rest of the story, the investigation and things surrounding it are loaded with specific details too. You have the feeling you need to remind them all if you want to play the Cluedo game along. Hence the reading speed. The book is a very solid mystery and a very solid historical novel. I did like it a lot and will continue to the third book with the same fear of speed but looking forward to all the excitement and details.