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Het licht van de zee / druk 1

Het licht van de zee / druk 1 - M.L. Stedman The authorMargot L. Stedman was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia and now lives in London where she worked as a lawyer. At some point she decided she wanted to do something with creative writing and went on a creative-writing holiday in Greece. From there she followed a part-time creative-writing study at the University of London. The reviewI first saw this book at the movers and shakers list on Goodreads and added it immediately to my to read shelf. As I still had enough to read I decided that it had to be read at some point but not now. When I was browsing in a bookstore I picked up the Dutch title and read the synopsis thinking I have to add this to my GR shelf. I was not really surprised when I found out I added the English title to my list already but did think I might had to move it up if I was grabbing for it twice in a short time now. On Twitter I saw a few reviews about this book and everybody was impressed. That is when I decided to get the book and just read it now.And I am glad I did cause this book is one of those books you pick up and cannot let go until you are done, and even after that it still comes back. The story describes so many ways a person can loose things in life, how this influences choices people make. Usually I find books dealing with so many sad things disturbing but the author found a way to avoid a depressing undertone making it a story about surviving, hope and love. This book is worth all the praise it gets.Why still 4 stars... The timeline of the story. The story is not written in chronological order and at points it is disturbing when you are in one period and emotionally involved and you have to jump to a totally different era or story which sometimes breaks the magic.