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Een duister vermoeden

Een duister vermoeden - Elizabeth  George, Fanneke Cnossen The authorElizabeth George was born Susan Elizabeth George in Warren, Ohio.She is a graduate of University of California in Riverside. She also attended California State University at Fullerton, where she was awarded a master's degree in Counseling/Psychology and an honorary doctorate of humane lettersProfessionally, she started out as a teacher. She was employed at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana initially, but there she gave in to her bent for organized labor and was summarily fired along with ten other teachers for union activity. She moved on to El Toro High School in El Toro, California (now called Lake Forest, California), where she remained for the rest of her career as high school English teacher. While employed there, she was selected Orange County Teacher of the Year, a tribute in part to the work she'd done with remedial students for nearly a decade. She left education after thirteen and a half years when she sold her first novel, A Great Deliverance, to her longtime publisher Bantam Books.She has won the Anthony Award, the Agatha Award, and France's Le Grand Prix de Literature Policiere for her novel A Great Deliverance, for which she was also nominated for the Edgar and the Macavity Awards. She has also been awarded Germany's MIMI for her novel Well-Schooled in Murder.Most of her novels have been filmed by for television by the BBC and have been broadcast in the US on PBS's MYSTERY. For more information visit http://www.elizabethgeorgeonline.comThe synopsisInspector Thomas Lynley is mystified when he's sent undercover to investigate the death of Ian Cresswell at the request of the man's uncle, the wealthy and influential Bernard Fairclough. The death has been ruled an accidental drowning, and nothing on the surface indicates otherwise. But when Lynley enlists the help of his friends Simon and Deborah St. James, the trio's digging soon reveals that the Fairclough clan is awash in secrets, lies, and motives.Deborah's investigation of the prime suspect-Bernard's prodigal son Nicholas, a recovering drug addict-leads her to Nicholas's wife, a woman with whom she feels a kinship, a woman as fiercely protective as she is beautiful. Lynley and Simon delve for information from the rest of the family, including the victim's bitter ex-wife and the man he left her for, and Bernard himself. As the investigation escalates, the Fairclough family's veneer cracks, with deception and self-delusion threatening to destroy everyone from the Fairclough patriarch to Tim, the troubled son Ian left behind. The review*sigh* I am not sure what to write.I love Elizabeth George. I love Thomas Lynley. I love Barbara and Deb and Simon and Haddiya and I got all their books and I read them again and again but there is a problem. The problem is that Helen died and now it seems the author does not know what to do with Tommy. This makes me sad. I do not like Isabelle Ardery. I do not like how she treats Barbara and she does not fit with Tommy, she is not a nice woman and she will only cause more problems. And this is the second book with her involved. The main characters are the same. If you have never read a Lynley book you can just pick it up and read, you will get enough background information. However the history surrounding these people is very important and returning in all books which means you will probably go back and start with the first book after you read this one to get to know the characters better. The storyline of this book is a not as Cluedo like as I am used to of this author. The first chapters give away to much already and the whole investigation never really picks up enough to puzzle along. There are to many side situations going on which is making it hard to concentrate on what really matters. I actually still do not know what was the most important storyline. Still the style is a real Elizabeth George and with the way this book ended I am sure everything will be back to normal and we get some of the old Lynley magic back.