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Grave Situation

Grave Situation - Alex  Maclean The book is telling two stories. One of lieutenant Alex Stanton working on some serial killings and the other of the serial killer.There are several bodies found who all seem to be connected. Alex is put on the case and he gets personally too involved. How will he handle this when he finally faces the killer.The book takes of a bit slow, a lot of detail and a lot of repeating. Specially the personal story of Alex seems to be repeated at some point. Despite that the book does catch an intriguing tone which makes you continue the book.What I liked a lot is the detailed description of some parts of the book, it makes you feel like your watching an episode of CSI combined with Criminal Minds. (they could pick the script up easily) on the other hand those detailed description might stop some other people from continuing the book.If you like a good crime novel and are not easily freaked out by well detailed description this book makes a good read.