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Kind of Cruel

Kind of Cruel - Sophie Hannah The authorSophie Hannah lives in Cambridge with her husband and children where she is a Fellow Commoner at Lucy Cavendisch College. As well as writing psychological thrillers she is also a bestselling poet and an award-winning short story writer. More information on Sophie Hannah can be found at www.sophiehannah.comThe synopsisAmber Hewerdine visits a hypnotherapist as a last result to get rid of an insomnia that has been bugging her for 18 months. While there she remembers a group of words that confuse her terrible. Two hours after her session she is being approached by a police officer and taken into custody for the murder on Katherine Allen, a woman she has never heard of...The reviewI was in need of a good mystery book after reading out of my comfort zone for a while. Even though this book was planned for later this month I decided to pick it up and enjoy it.And I did.. the book holds a solid mystery crime story, some dead people show up, some clues and who is the killer... But, yes there is one unfortunately the story was a bit messy too. And halfway trough the book the bomb exploded already and the author used the rest of the book to explain why. That was a bit sad. I like my mysteries better when they don't give the who did it until the last chapter (preferably on page 900). The characters of this book are solid, easy to sympathize or hate. The side characters are solid too, all playing their own clear part in the story.The rest of the story is pretty good. Specially the start was very nice. Not just a dead body found somewhere and start from there, but a session with a hypnotherapist. Up to halfway it was a good puzzle but after it was more a psychological explanation of behavior. Still I enjoyed it lots.