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The Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries #3: The Craving

The Craving - Julie Plec, L.J. Smith, Kevin Williamson After what happened in New Orleans with Damon, Stefan runs of to New York, hoping to start a new life.[return]In New York he runs into his brother, who is pretending to be an Italian Royal. Damon pulls Stefan in his sick plans, creating a situation that of course Stefan cannot escape in any descent way. But another villain is on the search for the Salvatore brothers, making their life as miserable as possible and putting them in nasty situations. Who is this person and what does it want...[return][return]The book is a nice gap filler for those things of the Salvatore brothers you keep wondering about next to the tv show. What happened between their turn and their (this time) arrival in Mystic Falls. It is a Sunday afternoon book. Nothing very complicated but a nice and entertaining read. [return]For people who are fan of the show it is worth reading. For those who do not watch the show it can be a nice introduction to start watching it but the story is to much depending on other books and information you gather from the show.