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Phantom (The Vampire Diaries Series: The Hunters #1)

Phantom - L.J. Smith This book of the Vampire Diaries series has been written by a ghostwriter. Due to some weird contract situation harper teen is allowed to say it is written by L.J. Smith the original Vampire Diaries author. For more information on L.J. Smith visit http://www.ljanesmith.netPhantom is the first book of the third Vampire Diaries trilogy. The book starts where the Return trilogy ends. Picking up at the Gilbert house where Elena wakes up and nothing ever seems to have happened. The friends start to try and have a normal summer when all of a sudden their names show up in weird places. What is behind this and what does it mean. Their supposed to be normal live is taking a turn into the Dark Dimension again. Will they manage to fight the evil without Damon, without Elena having her supernatural powers?I am not really sure what to say about this specific book. You could notice in writing style that it was written by someone else that is one. Second the book never really takes off. It is like a quiet river where one piranha sometimes nibbles someones toe without biting it really. Enough ingredients to make it exciting but it does not really happen. I cannot say much more about this book without spoilers. If you really love the book series of the Vampire Diaries you should read it but there are way better books out there.Ow and don't forget several errors in the books. Though we are used to changing details, changing peoples last name is a bit ridiculous