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Online - Seth Blackburn Seth Blackburn is the writer of two books which can be found tells the story of Brendan Lowes, a database engineer in day-time and book writer at night. One day while on the way back home for a late night, or early morning coffee he gets hit by a car. The car is driven by Danny Sarasin the grandson of the very wealthy founder of the town. Both Danny and his girl die in this accident and despite the fact that he is not the one to be blamed the Sarasin family makes sure Brendan gets known to be the guilty one. In his fight to prove his innocence he becomes friends with the Chief of Police Chapman Carter.Brendan ends up sitting home with a serious inured leg and installs some chat software to talk to his ex-wife Maggie and her new boyfriend rockstar Dr. Death. Trough this channel he gets to know Alexa, a troubled woman who develops a special interest in him.And there is Cara Waters, his boss whom he has had a crush on from the first time they met and now, while her marriage is breaking up, discovers she is interested in him too. While the Sarasins and their lawyer try everything within their possibility to hunt Brendan out of town, Alexa proves to be the bigger problem. Alexa wants Brendan so bad that Cara is not save, to make sure everything will be fine Brendan needs the help of all his friends to fight of Alexa.I finished reading this book which made that the book gets two stars, but that is as far as I can go and it saddens me. The story has a lot of potential. There are several angles touched, or more scraped which would have made for a very interesting book but before you get the hang of it the momentum is gone. First there are way to many characters that seem to play key roles if you have to believe their introduction in the first chapters. I almost needed a paper and pen to place everybody somewhere and make sure I had the right person in the right storyline. Second there are to many stories. The Alexa history would have been interesting if the story would have been about her. Following that would render the accident story unnecessary. There is the accident story, interesting too, how rich people get their way and how politics can work on that level, but the end would make no sense. Now I am left with the feeling that neither one of the stories made sense, they don't really get their own chance to shine and get important. All this makes the book confusing and annoying to read. It left me with a very unsatisfied feeling and made it a struggle to actually finish the book. When I decided I had to finish it or stop, I had another 120 pages to go but that ended up to be the most confusing part of the book. Furthermore I would have liked a little warning about the explicit context of the book, that kind of took me by surprise.