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Club Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 3)

Club Dead - Charlaine Harris The authorCharlaine Harris has been a published novelist for over twenty-five years. A native of the Mississippi Delta, she grew up in the middle of a cotton field. Now she lives in southern Arkansas with her husband, her three children, three dogs, and a duck. The duck stays outside. The synopsisSookie's boyfriend has been very distant--in another state, distant. Now she's off to Mississippi to mingle with the underworld at Club Dead--a little haunt where the vampire elite go to chill out. But when she finally finds Bill--caught in an act of betrayal--she's not sure whether to save him...or sharpen some stakes. The reviewThis is the third book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and she is slowly starting to grow on me. In this book there is a new character introduced who is taking care of Sookie while she is trying to find Bill. Alcide Herveaux is a Werewolf with a broken heart. There is a lot of chemistry between Sookie and him. The storyline is more of the same, there is a problem and Sookie can be of help with her gift. This time she wants to be of help cause it is about Bill. She gets totally beaten up again breaking every bone in her body but survives. What I liked about this book was the fact that Sookie finally stood up for herself. In the first two books she seems to be enslaved as soon as Bill or Eric said something but in this book she is telling them off. Very entertaining light read.