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The Pact: A Love Story

The Pact: A Love Story - The authorJodie Picoult was born on May 19th, 1966 in Nesconset, Long Island. She studied creative writing at Princeton University. This is where she met her husband Tim van Leer. Picoult has won several awards for her work as well as an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Dartmouth College and the University of New Haven. Several books have been made into television movies. Her book “My Sisters Keeper” even made it to the big screen. Jodie Picoult is currently living in Hanover, New Hampshire with her husband, three children and several animals. For more information visit http://www.jodipicoult.comThe synopsisChris and Emily have been together since the day she was born. In their childhood they played together as teens their relationship develops in an intense love story. It is exactly what their parents, good friends and spending just as much time together had hoped for. One night they get the phone call no parent wants to get. There was a shooting and Emily died. Chris tells the police it was supposed to be a double suicide but the local police officer is not convinced. Her questioning unravels a tragedy in which both families loose everything they thought they were certain of when Chris is taken to trial for the murder of Emily.The reviewJodi Picoult is a well know author and I have seen “My Sisters Keeper” on television once. This book was highly recommended by someone in my book club and the synopsis sounded interesting. The characters are very well described. It is easy to get lost in the love between Emily and Chris. Get upset with all the tragedy that hits both families, feel sorry for Kate who gets kind of forgotten in the whole tragedy. The anger, the grief, the pain. This story is solid and so well written it does not take a lot of effort to get pulled in. After all this praise you might wonder whats up with the three stars then. I am going to say it aloud and please be gentle... this story was just not for me. Though I could see clearly that the whole book was designed to have you sobbing and not being able to put it down until you know what happens to Chris, I could put it down easily and even felt a bit bored with it. Honestly I will not even think about it probably in a week or consider telling someone to read this book cause they are missing out on something. Still I am very glad someone let me read a Jodi Picoult book. I am probably not picking up a new book by her very soon but if you like a solid tragedy hits normal family and they get totally lost in it book you should read “The Pact”.