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Misty Circus

Misty Circus - Victoria Francés, Olinda Cordukes *Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher on Netgalley in return for an honest review*AuthorVictoria Francés was born in Valencia but spent much of her infancy in Galicia.She attended the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where she studied Fine Arts at the Facultad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos. There she started working as an illustrator while also designing various book covers and other commissioned pieces.Her first illustrated book, Favole, a remembrance of Verona, Venice and Genoa, was first released on 23 April 2003. It was moderately successful, but she returned to the University to continue to study art. She made her first public appearance at the Saló del Còmic fair in Barcelona on March 8, 2004. She toured Madrid and the U.S. the following year.Soon after, Favole II and Favole III followed. Her most recent published work is called El Corazón de Arlene (Arlene's heart) in 2008. Her illustrations have also been featured on posters, calendars and jigsaw puzzles.ReviewAfter reading this book I returned to the publishers website to check the age this book was intended for. It says age 8 which surprised me because I found the book very sad and scary at points. The book is very dark and depressing but still caries out a beautiful message. There are always people who are in need of friends and accepting them not matter what you are going trough. Still the language use does fit the age category but I would advice to read it first and discuss it when you let a child read it.The story is pretty simple to follow. Sasha is a young boy when he looses both his parents, while on the run and lonely he finds himself in a circus with Josh the cat. They become friends and the circus becomes there home. After reading there are still a lot of questions and the story definitely does not feel like it is finished. I am curious what Ludovico wants with them.The graphics are very pretty. It is a specific style though and you have to like it. There is a lot of detail and they have a great atmosphere. I love how with small things Frances makes a situation clear. Like fear and sadness and loneliness. It becomes very visible in the graphics but it is not overdone.I loved Josh leChat he is cute and I wished he was living in my house.