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The Neighbors

The Neighbors - Ania Ahlborn AuthorBorn in Ciechanów, Poland, Ania Ahlborn is also the author of the supernatural thriller Seed, and is currently working on her third novel. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of New Mexico, enjoys gourmet cooking, baking, drawing, traveling, movies, and exploring the darkest depths of the human (and sometimes inhuman) condition. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with her husband and two dogs.ReviewThis book unfortunately did not live up to its expectations. I was hoping for a very disturbing psychological thriller giving me the creeps but that did not really happen. I experienced it as a weak version of the Stepford wives without that really eerie feeling that story gave me. The story development was not fluent enough. Situations that could have been very disturbing where rushed and the clues given to soon. I never really felt I had to guess about motives and what would happen. After being introduced to the characters and their background story it is pretty obvious how things will develop. The character development for Andrew I really liked. It was easy to connect and see trough his eyes. Harlow was more difficult to get a hold on. I still don't understand her motives that well though the story does explain her actions and the way she thinks. I feel like both Red and Mickey could have been stronger characters and better developed. The story reads very easy though. I guess it is a good entry level thriller if you do not want to be spooked to much.