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Skippy tussen de sterren

Skippy tussen de sterren - Paul Murray Paul Murray is an Irish novelist. He studied English literature at Trinity College, Dublin and has written two novels: An Evening of Long Goodbyes (shortlisted for the Whitbread Prize in 2003, and nominated for the Kerry Irish Fiction Award) and Skippy Dies (longlisted for the 2010 Booker Prize and the 2010 Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Award for comic fiction).ReviewI chose to read this book earlier last year because I kept picking it up and walking into it. When the bookstore had a discount on the eBook I decided to buy it and try it. I had not considered before buying the book because even though it seemed to be everywhere I was not sure if I would like it. Though I did finish the book my initial idea that it would probably not be a book for me was right.The book is using a multiple point of view idea. You see the life at Seabrook trough the eyes of some of the teachers and some of the children. There are a few chapters on people not going to Seabrook but who are connected to the main characters. For some of these people I could really not find out why they had their chapters and what hints there where for the development of the story. Due to the changing point of view the story was a bit messy. They where all at another place another time and when there was overlap between two characters it was not always in the next chapter making the time line difficult to follow.I did not like the authors approach on 14 year old boys. Maybe I am expecting to much of an average 14 year old but I felt the author diminished the whole group to brainless sex maniacs with or without drug problem except for the totally oblivious overweight genius. I feel that with all the serious topics that are being discussed in the book the author used this group to make it a bit fun to read but it disturbed me very much.The last thing I was annoyed with was the translation. I read the book in Dutch and some of the words where not translated or the wrong word was chosen in my opinion. I even found some sentences that where according to the English pattern and not the Dutch. This disturbed me badly and made that I found it a real struggle to read this book.