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Fear Institute (Johannes Cabal 3)

The Fear Institute  - Jonathan L. Howard AuthorJonathan L Howard is a game designer, scriptwriter, and a veteran of the computer games industry since the early 1990s, with titles such as the 'Broken Sword' series to his credit.After publishing two short stories featuring Johannes Cabal (Johannes Cabal and the Blustery Day and Exeunt Demon King) in H. P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror, Johannes Cabal the Necromancer was published in 2009 as his first novel.He lives with his wife and daughter near Bristol. ReviewJohannes Cabal is hilarious. He has the darkest sense of humor you can imagine. Now bothered by a consience he even despises himself at moments. Still I had the same problem as with the first book. There is so much going on that you need to keep a logfile to get a hold on the details to puzzle along with the mystery.Johannes is the character the book is about and he easily pulls all the attention. The other characters are vague and formed from Cabal's point of view. You know what he wants you to know. The story itself is funny. While hunting to caputre fear it is getting the best of them. The end was a bit weird though and I did not really find it satisfying.Favorite Quotes:“No churchmen, I notice. Of course not. What use have they for a world without irrational fear?” “His pièce de résistance was the-thing-I-shot-with-my-crossbow-au-vin, which was universally praised on the second evening.” “Cats, as any rational person knows, are solitary, opportunistic, ambush predators, much like spiders, but with fewer legs and a better fan club.” “You wish to isolate fear. Ah, well, if only I'd realised your ambitions were so simple. Perhaps we can work up to it by capturing faith, bottling hope, and presenting love to the world as a commodity, available by the pound, wrapped in greaseproof paper and topped with a bow.”