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The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper - Kate Morton AuthorKate Morton grew up in the mountains of southeast Queensland, Australia. She has degrees in Dramatic Art and English Literature and is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Queensland. Kate lives with her husband and two young sons in Brisbane. ReviewI saw this book several times already on other blogs with teaser tuesday's and reviews. I have read several of Kate Morton's books and like her style very much.The Secret Keeper is a very slow but surprising story. When you expect the story to go one way it takes a different corner and suprises you. Not enough to shock you but it brought a grin to my face every time I was mislead. As I am an avid puzzler with mysteries like these I love to be wrong. What did disturb me in this book was the time switching. Both parts of the story where very intense and I really felt disturbed when I was moving from Dorothy to Laurel or back. The characters in both times felt different too. I found it more difficult to see the now characters and engage to them compared to the 1940 characters. They where more alive and got more body in the story. Overall I loved to read this book. It was a very good puzzle with a surprising end.