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Before I Go to Sleep

Before I Go to Sleep - S.J. Watson AuthorWatson was born in Stourbridge, in the West Midlands. He studied Physics at the University of Birmingham and then moved to London, where he worked in various hospitals and specialized as an audiologist[4] in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing-impaired children. In the evenings and weekends he wrote fictionIn 2009 Watson was accepted into the first Faber Academy ‘Writing a Novel’ Course, a program that covers all aspects of the novel-writing process. Before I Go to Sleep is the result.ReviewThis book was on my To read shelf for a while. Earlier this year one of my book clubs read it but I was not able to read along at that point so I left it there. Now it got picked up by a twitter book club I was following for a while already and I decided to read it so I could participate in their chat about the book. I am glad I picked it up. I have had some serious problems with my reading the last weeks and was in need of a good book. Before I go to Sleep helped a lot. This book pulls you in from the first page. At some points I found the story slowing down but the author has been very sharp on that cause every time it came to that point he had something happen which turned the story around again. The characters are very interesting in this book. You feel for Christine easily, really want to help and hoping that the treatment is working. The lost and confused feeling is very obvious and well written. I like that you see all the other characters trough her eyes. It makes you think about them, what they want from her, who they are and if they are honest. I did pick up the end result early in the book already and was not really surprised with it. Maybe that is why I experienced the story as slow at points. It is an interesting story for sure and it makes you wonder how you would react if you ever get into such a situation.