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Running with Scissors: A Memoir

Running with Scissors: A Memoir - The authorAugusten Burroughs is the author of Running with Scissors, Dry, Magical Thinking: True Stories, Possible Side Effects, A Wolf at the Table and You Better Not Cry. He is also the author of the novel Sellevision, which is currently in development for film. The film version of Running with Scissors, directed by Ryan Murphy and produced by Brad Pitt, was released in October 2006 and starred Joseph Cross, Brian Cox, Annette Bening (nominated for a Golden Globe for her role), Alec Baldwin and Evan Rachel Wood. Augusten's writing has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers around the world including The New York Times and New York Magazine. In 2005 Entertainment Weekly named him one of “The 25 Funniest People in America.” He resides in New York City and Western Massachusetts. The reviewI am usually not really into memoirs but the synopsis of this book caught me because of the obvious reasons. Ones life cannot be this weird. I had to read it myself to believe it. And I am convinced this is by far the most bizarre story I have ever read with a memoir tag on it. The story has a light introduction about Augusten's early childhood and growing up and takes off when he is twelve. There are a lot of anecdotes about things happening while he is growing up. Though the subjects are actually very disturbing the author describes them in such a light tone that you can understand how he managed to get trough all that. From the character descriptions it becomes clear who is important to him and who is less important. Though the whole book is very descriptive it is still hard to form images in my head cause my brain shut down even trying it. I did enjoy reading it though. The author has a very nice style and brings the story with humor and irony. I do not think this book is for everybody. Be aware before starting it and you might just want to open it and read a few pages before you decide to get it.