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Johannes Cabal the Necromancer

The Necromancer (Johannes Cabal #1) - Jonathan L. Howard The authorJonathan L Howard is a game designer, scriptwriter, and a veteran of the computer games industry since the early 1990s, with titles such as the 'Broken Sword' series to his credit.After publishing two short stories featuring Johannes Cabal (Johannes Cabal and the Blustery Day and Exeunt Demon King) in H. P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror, Johannes Cabal the Necromancer was published in 2009 as his first novel.He lives with his wife and daughter near Bristol. The synopsisJohannes Cabal has never pretended to be a hero of any kind. There is, after all, little heroic about robbing graves, stealing occult volumes, and being on middling terms with demons.His purpose, however, is noble. His researches are all directed to raising the dead. Not as monstrosities but as people, just as they were when they lived: physically, mentally, and spiritually. For such a prize, some sacrifices are necessary. One such sacrifice was his own soul, but he now sees that was a mistake - it's not just that he needs it for his research to have validity, but now he realizes he needs it to be himself.Unfortunately, his soul now rests within the festering bureaucracy of Hell. Satan may be cruel and capricious but, most dangerously, he is bored. It is Cabal's unhappy lot to provide him with amusement.In short, a wager: in return for his own soul, Cabal must gather one hundred others. Placed in control of a diabolical carnival - created to tempt to contentiousness, to blasphemy, argumentation and murder, but one that may also win coconuts - and armed only with his intelligence, a very large handgun, and a total absence of whimsy, Cabal has one year The reviewThis book leaves me with mixed feelings. The positive ones are stronger though.The characters in this book are hilarious. Some are very well described in looks and characteristics others a bit less but there is no problem getting your imagination running while reading this book. There are a lot of different characters too humans and not so very much humans. The story itself is dark but hilarious. There are parts in the book where I was laughing out loud no matter if dead where involved or not. The style of the story is very sharp, though a lot of dark matters come by you never really get in a dark mood. On the other hand I had a lot of problems going trough the story. A lot is told and a lot of information given in a short time. I noticed it took me a lot of time to read and I did not manage to read more than 70 /80 pages. If I would continue after that I was not able to concentrate anymore. Still very hilarious and a must read for people who like dark humor. I will read the other two books in the series at some point.