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Don't Breathe a Word

Don't Breathe a Word - Jennifer McMahon The authorSource: synopsisOne summer night in Vermont, 12-year-old Lisa went into the woods behind her house and never came out again. Before she disappeared, she told her little brother Sam about a door that led to a magical place where she would meet the King of the Fairies and become his queen.Fifteen years later, Phoebe is in love with Sam , a practical, sensible man who doesn’t fear the dark and doesn’t have bad dreams—who, in fact, helps Phoebe ignore her own. But suddenly they are faced with a series of eerie, unexplained occurrences that challenge Sam’s hard-headed, realistic view of the world. As they question their reality, a terrible promise Sam made years ago is revealed and could destroy them all. The reviewI find it extremely hard to review this book. I started it with good hope but kind of guessed the whole story already after 50 pages. Which really ruined the whole book for me. I could not manage to get into the whole story due to that. This leaves me with the feeling I am not in the situation to give a review which will do right to this book.I cannot really give my opinion about this book and its characters without spoiling the whole clue of the book. Therefore I will not say more.If the synopsis invites you to read this book do not hesitate cause it is not a bad book. I just hope you are not having the same experience I had.