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Love You to Death

Love You to Death: The Unofficial Companion to the Vampire Diaries - Crissy Calhoun Love you to Death takes you trough the world of the Vampire Diaries step by step. It gives you background information on the cast and the fandom of TVD and a guide trough the episodes of season 1.[return][return]I read the book while (re) watching season 1. First watch the episode than read the book. It is funny that even with the intent to pay full attention there are still things discussed in the book that you missed out on. [return]The book is written in a fast pace, combining well with the pace of the tv show.[return][return]What I did not like that much was the fact boxes that showed up in several episodes with special attention for an extra character or some fun facts. I love to read a book from A to B and not having to flip back and forward.[return][return]For sure the Season 2 guide will accompany my Season 2 DVD though later this year.