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Grandpa Hates the Bird:Six Short Stories of Exciting, Hilarious and Possibly Deadly Adventure

Grandpa Hates the Bird:Six Short Stories of Exciting, Hilarious and Possibly Deadly Adventure - Eve Yohalem Eve Yohalem majored in music and literature, after a short career as professional singer she went into publishing. Aware that these where not the most practical skills to have she got her MBA. She started building a website which was bought by a big company for whom she continued working. She stopped working for the company cause she did not really had pleasure in her work anymore and she wanted to take care of her two little kids. She started writing cause she likes to create new things. Initially it was not the plan to write books but as she loves to read them and had some experience in writing short stories throughout school and songs while being a musician. For more information hates the bird, Six Short Stories of Exciting, Hilarious and Possibly Deadly Adventures holds 6 short stories telling about the adventures of Bird and Grandpa. You get introduced to Bird and his family. Grandma and Grandpa who watch Bird when the family is not there. And some other friends of Bird. I requested this book trough the Librarything member giveaway program simply because the title and the image where hilarious already. The description given and the fact that it was a children's book made it even more interesting. And it was interesting. The stories are very amusing, some points even hilarious. This book is not only fun for children but an entertaining read for adults too. You get the stories from Bird's point of view, showing that he is a bit naughty but has his heart on the right place. The human characters are pinpointed to a few characteristics but still you get attached to them easily. This book really should be translated to my native language so I can advice it to all the parents around me as a must have.